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at the Eber­hard Karls Uni­ver­si­ty Tue­bin­gen, Ger­many


Novem­ber 21–23, 2013

Invit­ed speak­ers:
Jonathan Dan­cy (Austin),

Christoph Hal­big (Giessen),

Toni Røn­now-Ras­mussen (Lund)


John Leslie Mack­ie famous­ly declared that there are no objec­tive val­ues and defend­ed an error the­o­ry for eval­u­a­tive judg­ments. Impressed by the phe­nom­e­nol­o­gy of val­ue expe­ri­ence and our every­day eval­u­a­tive dis­course, we are not ful­ly con­vinced.

The sec­ond con­fer­ence with­in the frame­work of the DFG-project “Emo­tions and Val­ues” there­fore deals with two cen­tral ques­tions. The first ques­tion is the basic onto­log­i­cal ques­tion whether there are any val­ues – or bet­ter: whether there are any (instan­ti­at­ed) eval­u­a­tive prop­er­ties. Are they part of the fur­ni­ture of the world? This basic ques­tion is nat­u­ral­ly fol­lowed by a sec­ond one con­cern­ing the nature of eval­u­a­tive prop­er­ties. What are they? Are they monadic, mind-inde­pen­dent prop­er­ties as the strict real­ist believes or are they in some sense to be spec­i­fied rela­tion­al, mind-depen­dent prop­er­ties? The two ques­tions are inti­mate­ly relat­ed. For some of those who answer the first ques­tion to the neg­a­tive, the sec­ond ques­tion seems more or less mean­ing­less. For oth­ers, in con­trast, this sec­ond ques­tion may still make sense because they con­strue eval­u­a­tive prop­er­ties as mind-depen­dent but accept only mind-inde­pen­dent prop­er­ties as gen­uine­ly real. Hence there is a mul­ti­tude of pos­si­ble posi­tions.

This con­fer­ence shall ini­ti­ate a dia­logue between var­i­ous dif­fer­ent posi­tions con­cern­ing eval­u­a­tive prop­er­ties with the cen­tral aim of illu­mi­nat­ing the nature and the onto­log­i­cal sta­tus of eval­u­a­tive prop­er­ties. As the con­fer­ence is part of the “Emo­tions and Val­ues” project we are of course espe­cial­ly inter­est­ed in papers that com­ment on the puta­tive rela­tion between val­ues and emo­tions.
Call for papers
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Up to five pre­sen­ta­tions can be accept­ed. We intend to fill at least two slots with speak­ers in the ear­ly stages of their career, if pos­si­ble (bur­saries are avail­able).
Con­fer­ence chair: Prof. Dr. Sabine Doer­ing, Phi­los­o­phy Depart­ment, Eber­hard Karls Uni­ver­si­ty Tue­bin­gen.

Co-orga­niz­er: Ani­ka Lutz, M.A. (Eber­hard Karls Uni­ver­si­ty Tue­bin­gen).

Orga­ni­za­tion­al sup­port: Anton Hase.

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