From Sep­tem­ber 27 to Sep­tem­ber 29 we are organ­is­ing an inter­dis­ci­pli­nary con­fer­ence on Reli­gious Feel­ings at Tübin­gen uni­ver­si­ty. The con­fer­ence is part of our project on Reli­gious Feel­ings, which brings togeth­er the­olo­gians and philoso­phers work­ing on emo­tions and reli­gious feel­ings. Clus­ter mem­bers include Prof. Dr. Bir­git Weyel, Prof. Dr. Elis­a­beth Gräb-Schmidt, PD Dr. Roderich Barth and Prof. Dr. Sabine Döring.

To stay updat­ed vis­it the project home­page Reli­gious Feel­ings and/or fol­low the project’s Twit­ter account @religiousfeelin and/or fol­low the Reli­gious Feel­ings con­fer­ence Lanyrd page!

Its activ­i­ties are fund­ed by the “Ana­lyt­ic The­ol­o­gy Clus­ter Ini­tia­tive”.

The main ques­tions that will be dis­cussed in the course of the project are:

  1. What is the nature of reli­gious feel­ings? Are reli­gious feel­ings a sub­group of emo­tions or are there sig­nif­i­cant struc­tur­al dif­fer­ences between the two?
  2. What is the rela­tion between reli­gious feel­ings and ratio­nal­i­ty? Are they ratio­nal states which are capa­ble of jus­ti­fy­ing cer­tain judg­ments? If yes, what sort of judg­ments can they jus­ti­fy?
  3. What is the func­tion of reli­gious feel­ings? Are they of instru­men­tal, moral or epis­temic val­ue? What sort of influ­ence do they exert on our moods and emo­tions?

Spe­cial thanks to Anja Berninger, Eva-Maria Düringer, Gun­du­la Rein­sha­gen and Ruth Tiet­jen who are also clus­ter mem­bers and are doing a ter­rif­ic job!