Some time ago, my col­league Matthias Neu­ber per­suad­ed me to present a paper at his Vai­hinger con­fer­ence (also see the con­fer­ence page on Lanyrd). The paper is sup­posed to deal with ‘fic­tion­al­ism’ in ethics and should ‘some­how’ relate to Vaihinger’s phi­los­o­phy of the as if. Oh well! But I agreed. The upshot is that I will present a paper enti­tled “Eine Moral des als ob?” at Matthias’ Vai­hinger-con­fer­ence. The com­men­tary will be done by Bahadir Eker, who cur­rent­ly does a won­der­ful job in assist­ing me in my meta-ethics cours­es. I am afraid, though, that my con­cern might be more with Frege-Geach than with Vai­hinger… Still, it’s fun!

There was none yet, so I pro­pose this handy Twit­ter hash­tag: #alsob


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