No, I did not have religious feelings last weekend, but a terribly nice time with colleagues from systematic theology, when I presented a paper on hope at the Munich conference on Religious Feelings (Friday 16 to Sunday 18). I confess: As a so-called “analytic” philosopher, I nonetheless love to read philosophers like Kierkegaard, Schleiermacher, Husserl and even the Bible. And why not: we all could do with some historical literacy, and analytic thought should, and must not, exclude it. So why does it feel out of place were I referring to Genesis 1, say, at a purely analytic conference  😉 ?

What came as a surprise: today theologians seem to be mainly concerned with negative feelings and emotions. Why is this so?

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  • dbH

    Perhaps because of one of the main probems that every theologian has to
    face: the problem of evil (das Theodizee-Problem). And perhapse because
    of the doctrine that there is something theologians call “sin”, and now
    they try to figure out which way of “feeling bad” fits to sinners. – Just some conjectures.