Next thurs­day at 9 pm I am going to present my paper From Buck-Pass­ing to No Pri­or­i­ty at the con­fer­ence Moral Emo­tions and Intu­itions (The Hague):

Since T. M. Scanlon’s 1998-book What We Owe to Each Oth­er the fit­ting atti­tudes analy­sis expe­ri­ences a renais­sance in the philo­soph­i­cal com­mu­ni­ty. Accord­ing to the fit­ting atti­tudes analy­sis, some object x is of val­ue iff x is the object of a fit­ting atti­tude. Scanlon’s so-called ‘buck-pass­ing’ account of val­ue is a ver­sion of the fit­ting atti­tudes analy­sis which spells out an attitude’s fit­ting­ness in terms of the exis­tence of rea­sons for that atti­tude. In this talk, I sup­port the fit­ting atti­tudes analy­sis, yet not in its cur­rent­ly pre­dom­i­nant buck-pass­ing form. It is shown that David Wig­gins’ sen­ti­men­tal­ist account of val­ue is supe­ri­or to the buck-pass­ing account.

I will pub­lish the Prezi here after the con­fer­ence.



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