Next thursday at 9 pm I am going to present my paper From Buck-Passing to No Priority at the conference Moral Emotions and Intuitions (The Hague):

Since T. M. Scanlon’s 1998-book What We Owe to Each Other the fitting attitudes analysis experiences a renaissance in the philosophical community. According to the fitting attitudes analysis, some object x is of value iff x is the object of a fitting attitude. Scanlon’s so-called ‘buck-passing’ account of value is a version of the fitting attitudes analysis which spells out an attitude’s fittingness in terms of the existence of reasons for that attitude. In this talk, I support the fitting attitudes analysis, yet not in its currently predominant buck-passing form. It is shown that David Wiggins’ sentimentalist account of value is superior to the buck-passing account.

I will publish the Prezi here after the conference.



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