In order to allow an eas­i­er main­taince of the site, bet­ter inte­gra­tion into net­works, secu­ri­ty, fea­ture rich­ness and so on, has moved to Word­Press. At the same time the news­feed is switched to a blog­ging for­mat. You might sub­scribe to the RSS feed, or fol­low Sabine Döring on Twit­ter. Maybe Sabine will be using the feed not only to announce things, but also to post on phi­los­o­phy thoughts from time to time.

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  • Word­Press is a good site. Twit­ter also a good site to share infor­ma­tion. You doing a good job. It is a nice oppor­tu­ni­ty to users. Thank you for shar­ing this infor­ma­tion.